I told you from the start just how this would end
When I get what I want then I never want it again

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Have you ever really looked at your vulva?

Lots of people with vulva really don’t know what they look like between their legs. It’s a bit hard to understand that you’re normal and beautiful if you haven’t ever really looked. The thing about vulva is they are amazing. All of them. Every single one. All of the details are gorgeous - the folds and ripples and creases and folds and colours and how the skin moves and is textured. Just looking down doesn’t give you a very good perspective. To really get a good look at your vulva you need a mirror.

A 15 minute challenge for you

I want you to get to know your vulva better. Get yourself a hand held mirror, or position yourself in front of one so you can sit or lean back comfortably with your legs spread wide apart. Take off your undies, and start to look at your vulva. Touch it, spread your lips apart, pull back your clit hood and look at your clitoris. Feel your labia majora and open them up. Do the same with your inner lips, stretch them, look at them. Look at your vaginal opening and spread it open. Look inside if you can. Look at your anus. Really have a good look and take in all of the exquisite details of your vulva and your crotch and bum. When you take the time just to look, and see, you’ll start to appreciate how beautiful you are. Masturbate and watch as your vulva physically changes from at rest, to arousal, and then orgasm. Take note of all the changes you see, in the shape, colour and texture of your vulva. And apart from the joy of coming, start to appreciate the magic that happens to your body.

This will be a difficult challenge for many people, especially those who harbour fears or inhibitions about their vulva. But believe me, if you’re one of those people you will get the most from this. It might take more than one try to start to appreciate yourself. So please try this for 15 minutes every day for a week, and see how your feelings about your vulva change.

I want as many people to try this, and to write back and tell everyone their experiences and whether it helped them better understand their vulva, using the Ask or Comment link, or by emailing me at largelabiaproject@gmail.com

Will you do this?


For my friend Kayla. Emma xo

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The NFL’s Draft Day Hypocrisy

The propagandistic Kevin Costner movie inadvertently highlights just how much pro football doesn’t live up to its own ideals.

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the sexiest cosplay

Great cosplay? Or the greatest cosplay?

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